What are bots?

A bot is a software program that is primarily used to handle certain activities so that they can be completed without further human intervention. The ability of bots to execute automatic activities much quicker than people is one of the primary reasons for their use. These Bots are comprised of routines that assist them in their assigned tasks. From conversing with humans to collecting content from websites, there are numerous kinds of bots built for a variety of duties.


Workbot is a bot tool that enables you to create personalized processes. Connect to your essential business apps and consolidate their strength into a singular interface by eliminating app-hopping. Set up monitoring and notification for important events, create a service with ChatOps, or optimize resource provisioning with a request bot – all from your company’s chat software – teams, slack, and workplace.

Workbot for Slack

Workbot for Slack is a Workato chatbot that lets you interact with and collaborate with your business applications straight from Slack. Workbot can be configured to post notifications to Slack channels whenever crucial events take place, for example when a key customer submits a ticket, a prospect from a Fortune 500 company fills out a form on your website, or a DevOps alert is created.

What we have Developed:

The UserEvidence Workbot is designed to help the UserEvidence users to make sure they would be able to receive relevant assets from UserEvidence APP based on the Asset Filters and the Keyword entered by the user. This recipe gets activated when a user navigates to the app home tab of the UserEvidence Workbot on slack and selects “Asset Filters”.

The user is presented a modal view with a “keyword” type in the box and dynamic Asset Filters based on the user account – Industry, Role, Tags, Seniority, Asset type etc.

After the user completes the filter selection and typed in the keyword and selects proceed, these user inputs are sent in as parameters to search assets on UserEvidence App. For each asset record found on the UserEvidence App, the Workbot will post the relevant information such as asset title, asset link as an active button, and asset image on the app messages tab (DMs). The user can click on the asset link button and the asset will be opened in a new tab on the browser.

If there are no records w.r.t the keyword and the selected filters, the User will be asked to enter another keyword and choose new filter options. The workflow also logs errors at any stage of job execution and notifies the user of the error type and error message.