Vizable is a free mobile app which extend tableau from pc end onto mobile end. It towards to normal end users and executives which simplifies the process for digging data, helps end user to explore data by seeing, touching, then eventually understanding.
Here is the layout of Vizable interface, clean in look and user friendly. By looking at the view of Vizable we can easily find out it has two basic graphic forms, bar chart and line chart.

Apparently Vizable is designed for light weighted data, and different purposes from tableau. Tableau dashboards developing is more about business strategy using and visual variation. One the other hand, Vizable tends to give end user a general analytic idea with their own data to answer those simple analytic questions. For example, how is my work out performance? How is my truck drivers’ driving? How is my asset affected by my purchasing behavior? By inputting those CSV or Excel files, the end users can easily see the relationships between those measures and dimensions. And interaction with those date by pinching and dragging the graphics.

To read more about Vizable, click the link here —Vizable