TIBCO Scribe is an innovative, cloud-based integration service that efficiently connects Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and automate data flows using an intuitive browser-based approach. TIBCO Scribe enables customers and organizations to employ a single solution to address a wide range of integration scenarios, including applications, data, and API projects, to interconnect everything, whether in the cloud, on-premises, or on billions of edge devices.


Build integrations without a large staff


Tailor integrations to your unique processes and configurations


80% faster than writing custom code


Scribe Insight Integration Platform mainly consists of:

  • Scribe Insight Server – This is the server where Scribe software and the bits needed for implementation are installed. It needs to be running Windows 2003 or higher and can be an existing application server or a dedicated server
  • Scribe Insight Workbench – This is the container where the designer would create data maps, define how data will flow between the endpoints that make up the migration or integration
  • Scribe Insight Console – All the automation features of the product are contained here. It consists of:
    • Collaborations which are logically multiple data maps that support a business process
    • Integration Server Folder allows you to monitor different triggers that would signal the execution of an integration. It also allows for monitoring and troubleshooting any run-time problems
    • Administration folder captures Alerts, allows to setup Alert Recipients, setup data views, etc. It allows you to run, monitor and track different integrations.
  • Templates – Lastly these are the solution templates which are pre-configured data maps and available to download from Scribe. They can be used as-is or customized as per needs.


  • TIBCO Scribe-Certified consultants who are at the forefront of industry’s best practices
  • Experience in TIBCO Scribe integration projects
  • Unique Managed Services Model provides the ability to meld onsite consultants with our tech center resources resulting in the most optimized solutions