ThoughtSpot is the world’s first relational search engine and has trailblazed a new area of BI and Data Analytics called Search BI. It differs from the current genre of more established BI tools like Tableau in that it allows a business user to simply begin typing what they want into the search box and then ThoughtSpot à la Google offers completions of the search and produces instant results. Some sample potential searches that a business user might issue include: New customers by region and month, outstanding payments due by customer profile, trended average for sales by quarter, non-renewals by month in zip code 01886.  Anyone can use ThoughtSpot with zero training to ask questions, analyze company data, and build reports and dashboards – all in seconds.  ThoughtSpot combines data from on-premises, cloud data sources, spreadsheets, and Hadoop, can scale to billions of rows, and can be deployed in hours.


While searching to analyze in ThoughtSpot is incredibly easy for users, there’s a lot of sophistication under the hood that makes it fast and accurate. ThoughtSpot includes:

  • A Powerful Relational Search Engine: To provide a guided search experience designed for fast analytics at scale
  • A Robust Visualization Engine: To automatically choose the best chart based on your search and present them on live dashboards.
  • Collaboration: Real-time comments on analyses and one-click sharing of charts and dashboards
  • In-memory Calculation Engine: Data cache optimized for search, query processing and calculations at scale.
  • Distributed Cluster Manager: Highly reliable and scalable clusters complete with monitoring and real-time alerts
  • Data Integration & APIs: Database connectors certified by the world’s most popular ETL platforms and flat file uploading for fast parallel data loading
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: Secure and granular access control and a secure single sign-on experience

ThoughtSpot software can be run in a Public Cloud (for example on your own instance of AWS) or on a Private Cloud (in your VMware-powered private cloud) and the ThoughtSpot appliance which is a stackable, 2U chassis appliance comprised of between 1 and 4 individual nodes that form a cluster. ThoughtSpot appliances come standard with two Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2690 v2 processors, two 10GbE network ports, and two 1GbE network ports.


  • A strong partnership with ThoughtSpot for the past many years
  • Consultants who have hours of experience in setting up and implementing ThoughtSpot solutions for different organizations in New England area
  • Managed Services Model provides the ability to meld onsite consultants with tech center resources for individually optimized solutions