Alation is the leader in enterprise data intelligence solutions. Alation offers products in Data Catalog and Data Governance. It empowers their customers to find, understand and govern the data. Alation has developed broad range of native data source connectors. It offers Open Connector Framework (OCF) SDK to connect to any additional data sources apart from their own prebuilt connectors.

Logan Data had developed a Custom Connector from Talend to Alation. It is an unidirectional Connector. The connector will enable the customers to extract meta data information from ETL jobs/workflows. This will enhance the lineage information available to increase ability to trust the data and gives visibility into downstream impacts.

  • Talend OCF connector will read the XML files which are generated by Talend on-premises, Talend Cloud or Talend Data Fabric – Data Integrator

  • The Talend custom connector is able to read the Job file i.e. XML files through GITHUB.

    • Mapping of Talend jobs to Alation metadata as below
      • Talend Job to Alation data source Schema
      • Talend sources, targets, transformations to Alation tables
      • Talend job columns to Alation data source columns
  • Alation customer are able to search for Talend jobs, tables, columns, transformations in Alation data catalog

  • Table level lineage to understand data flows in Alation data catalog

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