Snap In To Data, Apps and APIs

SnapLogic is focusing on the framework required to implement strong data management in addition to integration. Enhancing self-service components through better task management and overall Snap use shows a strong commitment to providing organizations with a way to manage data acquisition lifecycle through a reusable framework.”


Change is inevitable, and a modern integration platform is powerful, yet easy to use and expand allows enterprise IT organizations to respond to change faster and future-proof their applications and data infrastructure.

It is a unified data and application integration platform as a service(iPaaS). SnapLogic has more than 300 Snaps, prebuilt integration processes. SnapLogic Elastic Integration platform provide facilities to connect faster and gain a better return on their cloud application.

The use of snaps to connect data highlights Snap Logic providing self-service data integration to different LOB users. This helps organizations to connect their disparate data sources and not only acquire data, but support broader transformations. This includes improving Snaps such as Sort, XML Formatter, and Excel Parser.

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