SlapFive Customer Marketing software automates and scales all important program workflows, including – Customer Content, Customer Programs and Customer References. SlapFive customers demand native integration with Salesforce, Seismic, Highspot, Gainsight, and Marketo within SlapFive environment, view the apps they can integrate with and the integration scenarios for each app, activate the ones they want, and submit authentication credentials.

Logan Data partnered with SlapFive, for providing the professional services towards building the recipes on Workato as SlapFive’s integration scenarios offered to their customers. Logan Data also collaborated with SlapFive to build a custom connector on Workato that must enable the integration scenarios for their customers.

The below diagram shows that, the SlapFive will have integration solutions that would feature as per application folder on the native SlapFive environment which will be embedded using Workato. These integrations scenarios can be started or stopped based on the SlapFive customer requirement. Also, the availability of SlapFive custom connector on Marketplace enables SlapFive to cater their services to wider customer base.

Architecture Overview