Reltio is a next-generation multi-domain cloud MDM SaaS platform. It helps your deploy customer, organization, employee, assets, location, and product data masters within the same instance, breaking down data silos. Reltio Connected Data Platform unifies and cleanses multisource, complex data into a single source of trusted information. The first cloud-native SaaS master data management solution helps you act on your data with confidence and maximize your impact every day. Cleanse and unify your complex, multisource data into a single source of real-time information with the Reltio Connected Data Platform—the industry’s first cloud-native, SaaS master data management solution.


 Unify and enrich your data.

Easily connect customer, business, product, and location data using ML-based data matching and data validation rules. Make profiles, relationships, transactions, and interactions available in real time.

  Integrate with speed and scale.

Integrate your applications and data within hours and share this data with applications and  data stores—in real time—making it instantly available to every team across your enterprise.

 Make better, faster decisions.

Send insight-ready, trusted data to all downstream systems like advanced analytics, AI/ML, and more. Continuously enriched, curated, and ready to deliver better outcomes.

 See value on day one.

Get up and running right away with MDM that adapts as you do. Our API-first approach and flexible data model make it quick and easy to add data sources, and our industry-specific data models help you get to value fast.

 Stay secure 24/7.

Keep your data safe with our trusted, enterprise-class cloud security with 24/7 monitoring. Our zero-trust security model and encryption ensures your data is secure whether at rest or in-flight.

 Grow with confidence.

Our auto-scaling cloud environment supports your high-volume transactions and optimizes resource allocation for top performance. 


          • Connected Data Platform Overview
          • Data Quality
          • Integration Hub


          • Enterprise 360
          • Connected Customer 360
          • Identity 360


  • Master Data Management solutions (Enterprise360, Customer360 & Identy360)
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