Credit Union Case Study

To be in compliance with the increasing customer demand and to make the business operation smart and dynamic every industry is adopting advanced technologies. And credit union has not been left out of it. The cutting-edge technologies reimage the banking approach with improved operational efficiency, advanced automation, streamlined process, and […]

Agile Professional Service

Agile is a project management methodology in the software development realm. Agile professional consultants use this method to help the organization to catalyze innovation and achieve business agility. This agile approach of setting up and improving the project development cycle has been widely accepted in the IT industry for better […]

Life Science Case study

With the dynamic change in digitalisation, the life science industry has witnessed several breakthroughs in its operational system. Due to this, life science enterprises are always on the lookout for powerful technological tools to augment their capabilities and reform how these companies operate, compete and create value.

Be it for real-time […]

SaaS Company Integrations

In the last seven years, the size of the SaaS(Software as a service) market has grown by about 500%. This subscription-based business model proliferated across the tech industry as more and more small and mid-sized companies are incorporating multiple SaaS applications to boost their business and make their day-to-day operations […]

Custom connectors

A connector is a proxy that binds around the API (REST API specifically) to facilitate communication between an application and various databases or systems. They help in the effective transmission of sending and populating the attributes from the data sources through API.

There are plenty of pre-built […]

What is DataRobot?


With its adaptability to real time events and data sorting capabilities, DataRobot has become a popular software tool used by data analysts, data scientists, and software developers. This highly innovative tool makes data manipulation and modeling time efficient and simple. The Data centric pipelines offer easy manipulation and flexibility when […]


A massive amount of data is being produced (estimated 2.5+ quintillion bytes/daily) by different sources like social media platforms, websites, IoT devices, corporate databases and many more. Millions of users are connected 24/7/365 sharing information, uploading images and videos in social media platforms or any other websites/databases. So the question […]

What’s the Point of Data Governance ?


If you are in information technology, you have no doubt heard the term “data governance” bantered about more and more.  The very sound of “data governance” conjures up images of layers of bureaucracy and regulatory minutiae.  If you are in the ranks of development or change control – all that […]