Hello everyone. This is an installation guide for Pivotal GemFire, which is a “distributed data management platform”. Pivotal is a company launched from VMware and EMC. It is relatively a new company that was founded in 2013 but with GE’s $105 million investment, they’ve been running strong with their own Hadoop distribution called, Pivotal HD.

On February 17th, 2015, Pivotal announced a partnership with Hortonworks and availability of their products, such as Pivotal HD, GemFire, HAWQ, and Greenplum, under open-source license.

Due to Pivotal’s path change and the partnership with Hortonworks, many Big Data users are intrigued but also questioning services Pivotal products offer. To guide these unanswered questions, we decided to give GemFire a try. Its high performance and HTML5 based dashboard, which visualizes and monitors status of GemFire clusters’ health and performance in real-time, are what keeps GemFire ahead of its competitors. Does that sound interesting enough? If it does, let’s get started.


Click on to Download Hortonworks SandBox Tutorial Here — GemFire