Information Builder’s integration platforms offer valuable, fast solutions that solve complex problems and build cutting-edge applications. It contains:


BI/Analytics Platform (WebFOCUS)

Can be used by anyone in the company

Data Management Platform (iWAY and Omni)

Ensures data is of quality and complete


“jump-starts” your analytic solutions

With their platform businesses can:

  • Increase insight-driven business via embedded analytics
  • Show the benefits of mergers-and-acquisition strategy
  • Derive new revenue from data
  • Get a handle on compliance
  • Slash B2B transaction
  • Make contact center interactions more satisfying.
  • Get consolidated view of financials
  • Analyze operational data to find cost savings.


Information Builder’s integrated platform is used for business analytics, business intelligence, integration, and data quality. Its main components are: 

BI and Analytics Platform (WebFocus)

Broad and Deep Analytical Capabilities:

  •  Portals and dashboards
  •  Self-service analytics and data discovery
  •  Enterprise reporting and analysis
  • Visual discovery “insight” mode

Industry’s Most Scalable Platform:

  • Authoring and collaboration
  • App development and white-labeling
  • Security and administration
  • Scaling and performance

Easy to Use for All Users, on Any Device:

  • InfoApps
  • Data discovery and reporting
  • Portals
  • In-document analytics
  • Mobile


Data Management Platform (iWay and Omni)

Data Integration:

  • API management and application integration
  • Big data integration contextualization
  • B2B integration
  • ETL and adapters

Data Quality:

  • Visibility into key indicators
  • Greater insight into data quality health
  • Simplified remediation
  • Data quality rule generation

Master Data Management:

  • Simplify deployment
  • Integrated design environment
  • Seamless integration
  • Complete, accurate and consistent



  • Information Builders-Certified consultants who are at the forefront of industry’s best practices
  • Experience in Information Builders analytics projects
  • Unique Managed Services Model provides the ability to meld onsite consultants with our tech center resources resulting in the most optimized solutions