Informatica is a world leader in Enterprise Cloud Data Management. They provide their customers the foresight to become more agile, realize new growth opportunities and create new inventions that lead to intelligent market disruptions.


Informatica enables an Enterprise to embrace a wide array of Data Integration Initiatives both on-ground or on-premises and in the cloud. Their products include Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM); MDM 360 for Customer, Suppliers and Products; Data Integration Products like B2B Data Exchange, Data Integration Hub, Power-Center; Data Quality Products like Informatica Data Quality (IDQ), Informatica Axon. As businesses and enterprises attach themselves to Cloud Technologies and Cloud Data Integration on a larger scale, Informatica has made available above products for Cloud too.

In recent years with enterprises developing a keen interest in Data Lakes which can hold their vast amounts of raw data in its native format, Informatica has stepped in with its Intelligent Data Lake Technology. These Intelligent Data Lakes enable raw big data to be systematically transformed into fit-for-purpose data sets. Intelligent Data Lake further catalogs this data so that a business user can fully use data across an entire Enterprise rather than be stymied with data that exists in silos.


  • Informatica Integration Experts who are at the forefront of industry’s best practices
  • Extensive experience in Informatica Integration Projects
  • Unique Managed Services Model provides the ability to meld onsite consultants with our tech center resources resulting in the most optimized solutions


Enterprise Data Warehouse

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Data Quality

Performance Optimization

Data Lifecycle Management

Application Support


  • Informatica PowerCenter
  • Informatica Data Quality (IDQ)
  • Informatica products installation and configuration
  • Master Data Management
  • Informatica Intelligent Data Lake (IDL)
  • Informatica Enterprise Information Catalog
  • Informatica Data Governance – Axon