Logan Data Inc. provides consulting services where specific expertise is required from time to time, or to solve a specific business problem. We understand the urgency of the situation when our Clients are in need of skilled short term support. We have a team of skilled engineers who support requirements through Adhoc Services and provide consulting services for engagements ranging from one day to months at a stretch. Services could cover any aspect of the following environments or project implementation:

  • Cloud and Data Integration
  • Data Management ( Data Quality, Data Catalog, Data Governance and Master Data Management(MDM) )
  • RPA ( Robotic Process Automation )
  • Cloud Solutions for AWS and Azure
  • Remote ETL Administration
  • ETL Development and deployment
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Implementation of BI & Analytics Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Implementation of AI/ML Projects


Co-sourcing is the practice of collaborating with dedicated resources from a service provider to subsidize the client’s project expenses. This collaboration allows clients to expand project teams without risking the diminished control that may accompany outsourcing,  and it’s gaining traction in the software consulting services space.We provide skilled consultants to work with our clients as key members of the team maintaining the quality and standards of the client, our services include:

  • Cloud and Data Integration
  • ETL Development
  • Remote ETL Administration
  • After hours Prod Support
  • AWS and Azure Projects
  • BI Projects
  • Data Analysis

The benefit of Co-Sourcing:

  • Near to the Client Site. The development center is located in New England.
  • Privacy and Protection of data
  • Can attend the emergency Calls at client site
  • Better control on Projects and Visibility
  • Flexibility to scale up/down resources quickly for the projects
  • Less time on recruiting and more time on business


We can also be part of your key IT Initiatives in your organization. We provide IT solutions and provide right resources at your site. The best part is hassle free environment and you focus on the Core business. The resources are self-motivated and working towards achieving the company objectives and goals. The customer driven solutions to achieve the ROI goals, Why not try our 2 Weeks trial free managed services model? We are sure that our consultants make the difference in your environment.


Value-based consulting represents a paradigm shift, where consultants and clients alike share a vested interest in achieving specific, measurable results. It’s not about the hours spent or the tasks completed; instead, it’s about the impact on the client’s bottom line. In essence, the success of the consulting engagement is synonymous with the success of the client’s business objectives.

One of the key hallmarks of this approach is its result-driven nature. Consultants now collaborate more closely with clients to define clear and quantifiable goals. These goals could be tailored to various industries within the IT domain. The shift to Value-Based Consulting brings forth several advantages for both consultants and clients. For consultants, it means a departure from the traditional time-for-money model, allowing them to focus on delivering high-impact results rather than merely completing tasks. This incentivizes consultants to innovate, strategize, and collaborate more closely with clients to drive success.

On the client side, Value-Based Consulting offers a more transparent and risk-sharing arrangement. Clients pay for outcomes rather than inputs, aligning their financial commitment with the actual value received. This approach also promotes a sense of trust and partnership, as clients can confidently invest in consulting services, knowing that their success directly correlates with the consultant’s compensation.

Moreover, the value-based model fosters a culture of continuous improvement. Consultants are motivated to optimize their strategies, refine their approaches, and adapt to changing circumstances to ensure the ongoing success of their clients. This dynamic and responsive consulting environment is a win-win for all parties involved.

In conclusion, Value-Based Consulting represents a groundbreaking evolution in the IT consulting arena. It transforms the nature of client-consultant relationships, placing a premium on results, collaboration, and shared success. As this innovative approach gains momentum, it promises to reshape the consulting landscape, offering a more strategic, transparent, and mutually beneficial framework for driving business excellence in the digital age. How can we help you?