The amount of Healthcare data being collected and tracked in increasing dramatically. New applications need to interact with electronic patient records and are often not designed to talk to each other. Procedures may be coded differently in some applications. Privacy requirements dictate what information can be accessed and how.

Logan Data, Inc. has extensive experience with clients in the healthcare industry, including payers, providers and insurance. We’ve applied their business rules and adhered to privacy requirements to integrate data from multiple sources in support of patient analytics, facility performance, Human Capital management, Marketing and Reporting.


Responsible for financial aspect of health care


An individual doctor, hospital or other medical facility.



Sell medical devices, pharmaceutical products, services and solutions to providers

Logan Data Offering

Logan Data is a Cloud & Data Consulting Company located in Westford, MA. With its certified and experienced consultants and engineers across different Cloud Integration Solutions like Informatica Cloud, SnapLogic, Dell Boomi and MuleSoft, it is uniquely positioned to solve Data Integration needs of today’s energy companies. Our consultants can provide the technical leadership that helps organizations achieve their most challenging data integration goals.

Our services include Cloud & Data Integration, Data Management, Cloud Solutions, AI/Machine Learning & RPA  and BI & Analytics  Practices. Our expert consultants integrate technology seamlessly with your business, our commitment to industry standards and best practices guarantee success and growth. With our unwavering commitment to enhancing data intelligence, Logan Data has developed many Cloud and Data Connectors and is revolutionizing the industry. Our innovative in the Cloud and Data connector space is a game-changer for our customers.