FiveTran is an enterprise solution that uses a variety of services such as ELT pipelines, CDC Database replication, embedded (Connect customers data to your software product), transformations, security and 24/7 support. The need for cloud solutions is rising and Fivetran offers multiple capability solutions.

Fivetran uses automation and scalable CDC (change data capture) replication solution to migrate big volumes of data with low impact and fast paced delivery.

The use of Fivetran reduces costs as well as increase the speed they were able to get data into data warehouses. 

Fivetran uses highly comprehensive ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) tool that is highly efficient when migrating information between different data sources to a centralized destination.

Since Fivetran is an ELT offers the ability to create custom data transformations after you load the data into the destination. Fivetran uses two types of transformations, SQL and DBT transformations, an advantage of using Fivetran is that version control can be used with transformations themselves.

Automation of data migration

  • Target tables are generated automatically during the initial load.
  • Fast-paced loading of large volumes of data.
  • Keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

Deliver fresh data with minimal source impact

  • Continuous and automated reading from the transaction log of your database for any updates or changes.
  • To reduce the load on your source systems, only data changes are moved.

Confidence in your data accuracy and movement

  • Data validation and repair ensure data accuracy.
  • Alerts, reporting, and auditing provide real-time monitoring of your data


  • Fivetran experts who have the best knowledge and practices.
  • Extensive experience in Fivetran data replication.
  • Delivering customed DBT/SQL enterprise solutions.


  • ELT (Extract, Load and Transform)
  • CDC (Change data capture) Database replication
  • Embedded (Connect customer data to your software product)
  • Fivetran prebuilt transformations
  • Security from source to destination replication in ELT