Embedded iPaaS(integration platform as a service) is a cloud-based technology that provides solutions for SaaS companies in creating and maintaining the native integration to link their platform with other software technologies which their customer demand. They provide an array of tools that enables the SaaS companies to integrate, connect and thrive with their customer’s technology stack. They simplify the product development work and allow the service vendors to focus more on streamlining the core value proposition of their product.

Need of an Embedded iPaaS

In the fast-paced SaaS ecosystem, the demand for customised and unique features are increasing drastically. In the traditional method, wherein to address these specific features, the technical resource team of the organization has to build the integration infrastructure from scratch. This process is time-consuming and costly, especially when the integration is attributed to intricate business requirements. 

To address the increased demand for packaged integration from the end users, the software service vendors are adapting embedded iPaaS to leverage their product efficiency by leaps and bounds. These integration platforms are embedded inside the SaaS application and its end user can certainly access the other system or service through this integration. This abstracts the need to sign in to other platforms to avail its service. Thus making the workflow of the SaaS product seamless and automated. 

This way, the Embedded iPaaS platform has a great potential to scale and expand the product offering by providing necessary functionalities with enhanced end-point maintenance and user experience. 

Features of Embedded iPaaS

Embedded iPaaS is an easy low-code platform to design and build integration. They offer pre-built connectors to popular apps, integration support tools, and ready-to-use UI widgets along with the provision of simple methods to launch and deliver these integrations inside the SaaS application. This mitigates the product development time. They often pay off in developing and deploying custom-made integrations to meet the equation of the complex business requirement. 

These features certainly play a pivotal role to emerge as a competitive product in the marketplace and increase product growth and adaption speed.

Benefits of Embedded iPaaS

  • Embedded iPaaS provides tools, and UI kits enabling connections or designing new ones(custom connectors) for building quick native integration.

  • Creating new integrations with Embedded iPaaS eliminates the involvement of the R&D team and integration professionals. Thus reducing the operation cost significantly.

  • Embedded iPaaS is an ideal solution to introduce automation logic and data transformation. The end user can either pre-build their automation or can use drag and drop facility to make their customized automation flow.

  • Embedded iPaaS provides a fluid integration experience that is aligned with your brand’s appearance and feels. Empowering your consumers with SSO authentication, personalized resources, and pre-built custom connectors helps you to get an advantage over your competitors.