What is an embedded iPaaS?

A cloud-based technology known as an embedded integration platform as a service (i.e., Embedded iPaaS), enables end users to oversee their whole integration procedure from a single location. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly development and makes it simple to add features and capabilities to your product.

You can create integrations between any number of apps after the software development kit (SDK) has been integrated using a company’s line of code in the same manner that other processes are controlled (like scheduling). Besides the traditional iPaaS functionalities – integration designer, connectors, and infrastructure; an embedded iPaaS enables software businesses to have integration deployment and customer support tools, customer management, and an embedded integration marketplace.

Overall, an embedded integrated iPaaS is a specifically designed platform that software B2B organizations utilize to develop native product integrations for their clients.

So why choose embedded iPaaS over traditional iPaaS platform?

It varies depending on whether you are developing internal integrations addressing your company requirements alone or external integrations, for your customers. An iPaaS is the ideal solution for internal integrations and data exchange across systems inside an organization, archiving data from the systems that are decommissioned etc. but in order to address with the integration issue for your customers, exchanging data from your SaaS app with the other applications your customers use, you need to leverage an embedded iPaaS that provides integration features inside your product that your customers may leverage to develop their own customized automation workflows.

Also, traditional iPaaS could be used to manage customer integrations, but this iPaaS doesn’t have the idea of customers. Hence, it lacks the ability for effectively developing and deploying unique integrations for different customers, including customer-specific data management and multi-tenancy. An embedded iPaaS is designed especially for developing and delivering integrations for your customers. It provides with it all your teams need to manage and support each integration for every customer account. A marketplace for available integrations is indeed a functionality of an embedded iPaaS that clients have the ability to explore, choose, and activate integrations that suits their requirements.

What are the major benefits of choosing Embedded iPaaS over traditional iPaaS?

  • Deliver custom/new integrations faster

Embedded iPaaS provides tools, UI kits enabling connections or design new ones (custom connector) for building quick native integrations and delivering instantaneously. Thus, it allows you to bring integrations to market rapidly, hence increasing your chances of winning new business and retaining customers.


  • Cost-effectiveness for development and maintenance

Additionally, creating new integrations won’t need a significant investment in R&D nor you are not required to engage pricey integration professionals which helps you saving money on development and ongoing maintenance costs results from this.


  • Scalability

When transferring huge amounts of data from one application to another or building a data pipeline for data lakes or warehouses, scalability and increased throughput are crucial. However, API rate limitations, batch size restrictions, and other application constraints often provide difficulties for integration developers. These constraints make it difficult to optimize processes for quicker data processing and operations by requiring the management of relationships across various processes. Embedded iPaaS is technology that enables you to create custom connector for your services and offer it on the platform’s marketplace exposing the integration services to their customers.


  • Workflow Automation

The gateway for your integrations is provided by embedded iPaaS, making it the ideal spot to include automation logic or data transformations. You have two options for your end users: either you pre-build your own automations or data transformations for them, or you let them create their own utilizing a drag-and-drop workflow builder with simple point-and-click capabilities. Automations may be created by anybody, technical or not, without hard codding.


  • Make your product more appealing

Embedded iPaaS provides a fluid integration experience that is aligned with your brand’s appearance and feel. Empowering your consumers with SSO authentication, personalized resources, and pre-built custom connectors helps you to get an advantage over your competitors.

How to choose the best embedded iPaaS for your SaaS product?

Logan Data evaluates the available embedded iPaaS platforms on five important factors – Usability, Control Over Data, Customization Capabilities, Value to your Product and Security; on behalf of you and addressing your integration requirements as a Proof-of-Concept, which enables you to take a final decision. We have a proven history with a SaaS based company in helping them choosing the best embedded iPaaS for their requirements. We have taken up the challenge in developing and implementing the complex client’s integration scenarios across iPaaS and Embedded iPaaS platforms, demonstrated the results backing our platform suggestion that would bring value to their services. The client was satisfied with our professional services and now we are their Technological Partners taking E2E integration development and deployment for them.

Major Embedded iPaaS platforms

  • Workato
  • Boomi
  • SnapLogic
  • Prismatic
  • Zapier
  • Tray.io