The snaplogic offers REST-based snaps which can be used to connect to any API-based source or Target system. The Snaplogic also offered an OEM license to meet the embedded integration requirements. The SnapLogic Embedded Program makes it simple to include robust integrations and release the full potential of slapfive services.

SnapLogic is used by product managers and service providers to offload technical staff from mundane integration tasks, enabling them to efficiently build great products and customer experiences. The cloud-native SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform speeds data and process flows between cloud and on-premises applications, data warehouses, big data streams, and IoT installations using over 600 pre-built connections. SnapLogic’s data streaming architecture supports real-time processing with high throughput, enabling business data migration.

What We Offer

  • SnapLogic-Certified consultants who are at the forefront of industry’s best practices

  • Extensive experience in SnapLogic integration projects

  • Unique Managed Services Model provides the ability to meld onsite consultants with our tech center resources resulting in the most optimized solutions