Facility Compare data store that provides one to five-star rating based on information about the quality of care and services that a dialysis facility provides. It will store data published on government website, and other in-house data stores, and perform calculations to derive performance measures and final FIVE STAR to identify the performance of business and other third-party facilities.

  • Complex statistics calculations being used in conjunctions, e.g. inverse normal distribution, rank average, distance calculation based on longitude and latitude etc.
  • Error-prone approach in the data collection from government as well as data processing.
  • Implemented tiered calculations using Informatica and PL/SQL to accurately calculate all measures and produce the result as expected.
  • Centralized design and automated process to reduce manual effort as well as maintain all history data.
All measures are timely and accurately calculated, resulting in significant improve on business visibility of facility performance.
  • Informatica
  • PL/SQL
  • Tableau