Informatica V10 – Informatica Introduces New Release of Industry-Leading Data Management Platform Built for Modern Data Architectures.

In the launch of Informatica V10, specifically Informatica PowerCenter, Informatica Data Quality and Informatica Data Integration Hub Lead the Pack with Enhanced Agility and Performance combined with New Features

  • Up to 50x faster data lineage generation
  • Up to 5x faster data ingestion and cleansing
  • Increased flexibility and agility for hybrid data architectures

Overview of version 10 Informatica new features…..

  • Team based development and version control support for IDQ Model Repository Service.
  • Big Data Management Configuration Utility to automate part of the configuration process for Big Data Management.
  • Enhancements to Business Glossary for Email Notification, Approval Workflow and Import/Export.
  • Various enhancements to command line programs.
  • Enhancements to Informatica Admin Console for Bird’s eye view of the Domain and Service health and Monitor progress of Jobs in detail.
  • New Profile UI and Visualizations. Features to compare the historical profile run and outlier detection.
  • Support for profiling on XML/JSON file and scorecard filters.
  • Dynamic mappings to change sources, targets, and transformation logic at run time based on parameters and rules that you define.
  • Various enhancements to Metadata Manager.
  • Various enhancements to PowerExchange Adapters.
  • Native Connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server from UNIX machines.
  • Major enhancements on parameterization in Mercury for better re-usability of the artifacts.
  • Partitioning support in Mercury platform.

The overall message of this launch is that “the industry’s best just got better.”

And we are here to help, please click the link for the details ——Technical Deep Dive in Informatica V10_LoganData