Alation is the leader in enterprise data intelligence solutions. Alation offers products in Data Catalog and Data Governance. It empowers their customers to find, understand and govern the data. Alation has developed broad range of native data source connectors. It offers Open Connector Framework (OCF) SDK to connect to any additional data sources apart from their own prebuilt connectors.

Logan Data had developed a Custom Connector from Dataiku to Alation. It is an unidirectional Connector. The connector will enable the customers to extract Dataiku artifacts to Alation. This will catalog the metadata and enhance the lineage information available to increase the ability to trust the data and give visibility for faster decision-making.

Impact & Business Outcome

  • Faster Decision Making: The Dataiku connector will synchronize artifacts between DSS and Alation regularly and near real-time integration thus exploring new insights and fostering faster decision making.

  • Build Better Data Products: The DSS platform is continually generating new datasets and insights. The Dataiku connector will ensure we are looking at the most relevant and recent information.

  • Connectivity and User Experience: There are many sources within the modern data stack and DSS is one such data source. Having the ability to extract, search and use all data in one place is powerful.

  • Existing Customers: Enable existing customers to connect to the DSS source.