Large volumes of data from various sources are stored, cleaned, and visualized for clients by Databricks. The original developers of Apache SparkTM, Delta Lake, and MLflow established Databricks in 2013. Databricks combines the best of data warehouses and data lakes to provide an open and unified platform for data and AI as the first and only lakehouse platform in the cloud. It enables businesses to offer a common platform for a variety of conventional data operations, from basic ETL to business intelligence towards ML and AI. Modern data warehouse development is made much easier, enabling businesses to offer self-service analytics and machine learning across their global data with enterprise-grade performance and governance.

With the openness, flexibility, and machine learning support of data lakes, the Databricks Lakehouse Platform combines the finest aspects of data lakes and data warehouses to give the dependability, robust governance, and performance of data warehouses.

By removing the old data silos that divide and complicate data engineering, analytics, business intelligence, data science, and machine learning, this unified strategy streamlines your contemporary data stack. To enhance flexibility, it is designed using open-source software and open standards. You can operate more efficiently and advance more swiftly due to its shared approach to data management, security, and governance.


  1. Simple: You may get rid of the complexity and expense that prevent your analytics and AI projects from realizing their full potential by using the lakehouse as the unified approach to your data architecture.
  2. Open: You can avoid proprietary walled gardens, transfer data with ease, and construct a contemporary data stack with unfettered access to the ecosystem of open-source data projects and the extensive Databricks partner network.
  3. Multi-Cloud: Databricks Lakehouse Platform delivers comprehensive cloud administration, security, and governance where you don’t need to create procedures for every cloud platform used for data and AI. Instead, your data teams could focus on identifying fresh insights.


  • Data management and engineering

Simplify data ingestion and management.

Delta Lake converts your data lake into a destination for all your structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data with fully automated and dependable ETL, open and secured data sharing and lightning-fast performance.

  • Analytics

Derive novel insights from the most comprehensive data.

Your Data teams may now swiftly extract new insights with the power of Databricks SQL

which offers up to 12X better price/performance than conventional cloud data warehouses, with easy access to the most recent and comprehensive data.

  • Data science and machine learning

Enhance ML performance across the whole lifecycle

The lakehouse is the core of Databricks Machine Learning, a data-native and collaborative solution for the whole lifecycle of machine learning, from development to production. Lakehouse, when coupled with high-quality, high-performance data pipelines, enhances machine learning and thereby team productivity.


  • Databricks trained and Cloud Analytics Academy-certified consultants who are at the forefront of industry’s best practices
  • Extensive experience in BI& Analytics, Data integration projects.
  • Customized Managed Services Model provides the ability to meld onsite consultants with our tech center resources resulting in the most optimized solutions.