A connector is a proxy that binds around the API (REST API specifically) to facilitate communication between an application and various databases or systems. They help in the effective transmission of sending and populating the attributes from the data sources through API.

There are plenty of pre-built connectors available to use for easy application building. But every business has its individual services and organizational need and the connector that suits the corresponding requirement might not be available in the connectors catalogue.

Custom connectors address this scenario by allowing a developer to create their connector to derive specific functionalities according to the business needs.

Custom connectors are available for Microsoft Flow, Power automate or power apps, and Azure logic apps. With an open API, you can create a custom connector compatible with any web service.

Custom connectors features

  • Enhanced security

Information safeguarding is an inevitable attribute in any application. With upgraded authentication support of Azure logic apps, power apps and automation, custom connectors will possess increased security.

  • Application Integration with real-time data access

Connectors and custom connectors enable collaboration across different platforms. This ensures smooth data transmission to and forth between multiple applications to leverage the action and workflow of the power application. The combined association of the application also helps to extract real-time data from various application systems and databases.

  • Application automation

The custom connector is a reliable way to build a personalized business application that provides abundant workflow. Connectors aid in establishing compatible collaboration with multiple platforms for efficient data sharing and streamline the process with efficient automation. An automated application will crop up with better standardization and higher efficiency.

  • Easy development of application

Custom connectors are easy to build with the drag-and-drop provision in power apps. The developer can also choose various other means such as creating connectors from Azure service, by Importing an open API or from a postman collection. This expedites the development time without compromising in the effectiveness of the application process.