CROWN Web is a Web-based data collection system that allows authorized users to securely submit patient-based data to CMS’s CROWN application via electronic data interchange. CROWN Web is an abbreviation of Consolidated Renal Operations in a Web-Enabled Network. The CROWN WEB DATA STORE (CWDS) is a database repository that will store data from 5 xml feeds which client sends to CMS (Government) on a scheduled basis. CWDS stores the data from KC which is the actual source of the xml feeds. Feeds include Patient, Clinical, New Patient ESRD 2728, Date of Death ESRD 2746 and Attestation.

CMS (Government) submissions vs CMS (Government) Feedback matching is highly impossible due to CMS do not send the whole key data along with their Accept/Reject comments.

  • To structure the Feedback comments/Errors, Identify the Errors causing by Facility to take appropriate action to reduce the %age of CMS Rejections to ZERO.[/wptabcontent]
Provided a Data Store to store Submissions and Feedbacks in a analytical design to an easy analysis for all audit summary numbers to the details to the extent why the CMS reject been triggered.
  • Provide a complete client satisfactory design in Tableau for Error analysis from the Summary to stage by stage Categorized errors through the bottom pointing to the Reason to the Error.
  • Reports provided with top 10 highest numbers of Errors by category and by Facility to suggest for an opportunity to correct the process or application for an error-free submissions.
  • Saved 636 hours of time in a year, an incredible increase of process performance and accuracy by providing this solution.
  • Informatica
  • PL/SQL
  • XML
  • Java
  • Tableau