Collibra is the data intelligence company. Collibra unite your entire organization by delivering accurate, trusted data for every use, for every user and across every source.

Data Governance Center from Collibra is an enterprise-oriented data governance platform that provides tools for data management and stewardship. The software allows enterprises to organize and manage data assets and related data policies and rules.


1.  Data Catalog

Provide all your users access to trusted data across all your data sources. Delivering this end-to-end visibility starts with your data catalog, and  Collibra gets you up and running in days. We make sure your teams spend less time searching for data and more time getting value from data, so you can drive better business decisions. And with Collibra’s scalable platform, it’s easy to future-proof your investment, no matter where business takes you next.

2. Data Governance

Adaptive data governance that scales with your organization. Give all your people a single location to find, understand and create a shared language around data. With Collibra Data Governance, you can operationalize data governance workflows and processes to deliver trusted data for the people, by the people across your organization.

3. Data Privacy

Discover and mitigate data privacy risk Give your data some much-needed privacy.  Centralize, automate and guide workflows to encourage collaboration,  operationalize privacy and address global regulatory requirements.

4. Data Quality & Observability

Trusted data starts with predictive, self-service data quality. Show your data some love by putting quality at the heart of your data strategy. Collibra Data Quality & Observability proactively surface quality issues in real-time and makes reliable and accurate data readily available so you can drive intelligent and informed decisions.

5. Data Lineage

The automated way to understand how data flows through your organization. Get the full story around your data with Collibra Data Lineage. Automatically map relationships between systems, applications and reports to provide a context-rich view across the enterprise. Hone in on the data you care about most and trust that it is relevant, complete and trustworthy.

6. Core Services

Make the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud a key part of your data strategy. Accelerate innovation across a wide range of use cases with our open, scalable architecture. Leverage enterprise-grade security and a flexible operating model to unify your business around a common foundation for data.


  • Data Governance
  • Data Catalogue and Data strategy
  • Enterprise grade Data security/Privacy
  • Data Quality & Data lineage