Internet of Things

IoT Architecture


Created: 7/6/2015
Author: Rama Mannava, Xerxes Patel and Karthik Vutukuru

The purpose of this article is to setup the client and broker architecture in IoT. In this setup, Raspberry Pi is used as Broker with MQTT installed on it. MQTT is an open source, light weight messaging protocol developed by IBM. MQTT will enable the communication between clients and broker. Arduino which is open source hardware is used as client. An LED light is used in Arduino to visually show an alert that a message is received by the broker. Arduino is programmed in such a way that LED is switched on or off based on the message received. In a live example, an Arduino can be viewed as a traffic Camera and Raspberry Pi as Broker, the traffic camera sends updates to Broker, which in turn sends updates to all stations alerting about […]

Understanding Internet of Things(IoT)


Ever thought you could be alerted by your refrigerator that you’re out of groceries when you are driving by a grocery store or did you ever imagine that you could be directed straight to an empty spot in a crowded parking lot? These alerts, updates or warnings are soon going to be real with the Internet of Things.


Internet of Things (IoT) is a term coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999. According to Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group the Internet of Things is born between 2007 and 2008 at the time when more “things or objects” were connected to the Internet. From 2011 Internet of Things is gaining pace in the Technology Industry and is at the point of explosion. IoT can dramatically change the way things or objects that have been around us. IoT […]