Custom connectors

A connector is a proxy that binds around the API (REST API specifically) to facilitate communication between an application and various databases or systems. They help in the effective transmission of sending and populating the attributes from the data sources through API. There are plenty of pre-built connectors available [...]


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A massive amount of data is being produced (estimated 2.5+ quintillion bytes/daily) by different sources like social media platforms, websites, IoT devices, corporate databases and many more. Millions of users are connected 24/7/365 sharing information, uploading images and videos in social media platforms or any other websites/databases. So the question [...]

Microsoft Azure AI Platform

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AI being among the relatively primitive technologies, that most of the advance AI services out there are so end-to-end connected, that the end users sometimes don’t even realize that there is AI in process. There are so few options out there that provide a platform for the end user to [...]

What’s the Point of Data Governance ?

  If you are in information technology, you have no doubt heard the term “data governance” bantered about more and more.  The very sound of “data governance” conjures up images of layers of bureaucracy and regulatory minutiae.  If you are in the ranks of development or change control – all [...]