What’s new in Back Office Process Automation?

This is entirely a new approach to accomplish the task without human intervention. Project employed “Robotic Process Automation” to action the task with high accuracy. Robotic process automation has an extra milestone capacity where a computer or a machine will be replacing with a human in a digital workforce environment. Precisely an automation bots will be operated on a presentation of any desktop application or web application and execute it in the multistep process around the clock with nix errors. The objective behind implementing RPA technology is to have great business agility with minimal human efforts and create an error free milieu. By employing automation in the daily work environment will have an immense improvement in the overall efficiency and increase of company productivity.


Are the automation process tools limited to certain industries or products?

No! Since robotic process automation can interact with all the interfaces, it’s possible to set up much customized workflows. RPA software offers the intelligence and litheness to deal with almost several business processes, including: ERP automation; Managed file transfers; Web browser interaction; other common challenges.

 Why to take up Robotic Process automation in the place of others?

Currently, time and accuracy in achieving a task is a major goal for any organization. Robotic process automation is a new technological advancement which supports the organization to replace the human inaccuracies and seeks to capitalize on the fact to stand a high chance of being pioneers in this industry to capture high efficiency by consuming less time. The whole concepts of the tool targets to guaranty the data protection and safety of the databases which support the client to relief with duplication of work due erroneous entries involved in manual entry. Just by automatic process the client can take the advantage to write the data in no much effort.

The goal behind the project is to cut down the human intervention and inaccuracies involved in the hiring process of Human Resource Department. The course of action consumes lot of time and need much information to verify before considering candidate acceptance and has a verifying employee benefit issuances. In most common practices, where member enrollment data must be entered manually in any applications and it can consume 15 minutes of human time approximately to fill in the required information. This process hence proved high inaccuracy and errors upto 80 percent.

In real time, business process must deal with huge data and an error in the entry will end up causing a big damage to the organization.

How Robotic Process Automation project supported in the Organization?

“Automation Anywhere” tool is supporting to automate the process by Human Resource team to formulate all the process and other formalities involved during the time of a recruitment phase. “Automation Anywhere” tool actions the process automate all the Human Resource department processes in the back office.

Depending on the employee/candidate there are some instructions will be verified at the backend. For a newly hired employee below actions will be automated by the system:

  • New hire must accept the offer by a sign
  • After the candidate declaration, system automation process will send a welcome email with essential documents includes, Company Policies, Insurance, Direct Debit and code of conduct.

On the other hand, for existing employees following actions will be allowed to be supported by automation process:

  • Action of Resignation or termination
  • Claiming unpaid time off
  • Claim Child care benefits
  • Expenses claim
  • Insurance claim or other claims
  • Sick or annual leave request
  • Time card Lost
  • Time missing in time card

Statistically there will be some good results will occur by employing automation process into our business. Some are as follows:

  1. Quick Member Enrollment
  2. Average handling time per enrollment reduced f
  3. Improved Quality with no entry errors, approximately 99 percent or more
  4. Productivity can be improved upto 30 percent

Now by using automation process will relieve the burden of the company and make a pathway to invest their time on new revenue generating strategies instead of losing out time in filling the error encountered in manual process.