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Automation – Robotic Process Automation

Automation is generally a designation of human control function which controls the technical equipment and which deals with the mechatronics and computers. It is actually the use of control systems and information technologies cutting off the need for human intervention. This goes with the principles of automation control, mechanization, continuous process, rationalization. These two sided technical assessments like the mechatronics and computers are mostly used in the airplanes, modern factories etc. where some are completed automated and some are partially automated.

RPA technology is one among the automation’s used now, this kind of automation’s interact with the website and the applications using now. It only mimics the tasks of the specified thing but also even contains some chic business strategies to directly interact the other systems. Some shared devices or the applications which completely rely on human labor which processes many other benefits as how this technology on how it actually processes […]

Data Lakes – Is it Time for Your Business to Wade In?

As data continues to grow in both volume and structural variety, traditional relational database approaches fall increasingly short in providing the needed flexibility, agility, scalability, and economy to support its processing.  Alternative and complimentary approaches for managing information have been pioneered, and given time to mature, in the last few years to satisfy today’s big data storage and processing needs. Most prominent among them for centrally managing the onslaught of all the information a business needs to process and store are Data Lakes.

What is the purpose of a Data Lake?

Data Lakes offer a far more economic and imminently scalable approach for ingesting and assimilating an ever changing range of input data primarily because they can be implemented on top of the open source Hadoop eco system. Hadoop provides an architecture that can scale as needed by simply adding commodity servers to the cluster for increased parallel processing and storage.  Due to […]

ThoughtSpot – For Near Instant Analytics Gratification

ThoughtSpot ups the ante when it comes to rapidly and effortlessly delivering insightful and completely ad-hoc data analytics and visuals to your business, even for large many TB data sets.

ThoughtSpot has trail blazed a new area of BI called Search BI. This type of BI differs from the current genre of more established BI tools such as Tableau in that it embeds and applies knowledge about how data of different categories is generally analyzed and most effectively visualized. This knowledge is then mapped onto your business’s specific domain data.   The alignment and cataloguing of the business domain data and Meta data is then used to provide an optimized, intelligent and guided search capability through it.  A business user simply begins typing what they are looking for into the search box and then ThoughtSpot offers completions of the search as the user types.  The suggested completions are offered in the order that […]

What’s the Point of Data Governance?

If you are in information technology, you have no doubt heard the term “data governance” bantered about more and more.  The very sound of “data governance” conjures up images of layers of bureaucracy and regulatory minutiae.  If you are in the ranks of development or change control – all that can be imagined from this term is just one more layer of regulations to navigate through for a simple data related change request to be approved and released.

Maybe your industry mandates the existence of said “data governance” to satisfy some compliance requirements, or maybe the mere fact that other companies are creating their “data governance” programs has caused the powers that be at your organization to determine that yours has got to have one too.  Whatever the reason for its inception at your organization, what is the point of “data governance”? What does it really mean?

At its best, data governance provides […]

Technical Deep Dive in Informatica V10

Informatica V10 – Informatica Introduces New Release of Industry-Leading Data Management Platform Built for Modern Data Architectures.

In the launch of Informatica V10, specifically Informatica PowerCenter, Informatica Data Quality and Informatica Data Integration Hub Lead the Pack with Enhanced Agility and Performance combined with New Features

  • Up to 50x faster data lineage generation
  • Up to 5x faster data ingestion and cleansing
  • Increased flexibility and agility for hybrid data architectures

Overview of version 10 Informatica new features…..

  • Team based development and version control support for IDQ Model Repository Service.
  • Big Data Management Configuration Utility to automate part of the configuration process for Big Data Management.
  • Enhancements to Business Glossary for Email Notification, Approval Workflow and Import/Export.
  • Various enhancements to command line programs.
  • Enhancements to Informatica Admin Console for Bird’s eye view of the Domain and Service health and Monitor progress of Jobs in detail.
  • New Profile UI and Visualizations. Features to compare the historical […]

Invoice Management in Home Loan Department

  • derrick1Tableau project description (invoice management in Home Loan Department)
  • This is a tableau dashboards project for home loan department for bank. There is SLQ2CQ internal management system requires tons of tableau dashboards to sure the proper data in order to track the performance of each employee in each department. This project is for invoice management department and there are several sections with it. There visual management, people management, and department management. Each team will have this tree types of dashboards and tells with different kinds of data metrics. Here is an example of how this dashboards look. The first two are same dashboards with different filtering. And 3rd one is the dashboard for compliance view, which has summary information with calculation of metrics up there and loan level detail down there.
  • For visual management view:
  • The currant and historical data […]

HBase Data Extraction

  • Legacy Community Health was founded in 1978. It is a federally qualified Health Center and they provide services such as adult primary care, dental care, vision services, nutrition services, HIV/AIDS care, behavioural health services, etc. Currently, traditional RDBMS is used to manage all the data regarding to patient, medication, transaction, and more. Our goal of this project was to load the current existing data in RDBMS to HBase and extract the data using conditions such as prefixes, base column names and etc.
  • Pig is mainly used for this project since its built in functions found to be suitable. Using UDF was necessary due to Pig Latin being a data flow language. Some of the functions didn’t work as expected in the early stage of the project. However, it didn’t take a long time to find a way to work around it. It was convenient to use Pig to interact with HBase. […]

Hospital Compare

Hospital Compare has information about the quality of care over 4500Medicare- certified hospitals across the country. We have used this information to do the analysis that which hospitals are good for particular condition. Either way the information is useful for the hospital to make a sound decision for quality of the care they provide. When you have a life-threatening emergency, always go to the nearest hospital. However, if you’re planning to have surgery, or if you have a condition like heart disease and know you may need hospital care in the future. Research shows that some hospitals do a better job taking care of patients with certain conditions than other hospitals.

For the interaction with this tableau report, please go to:

[wptabs mode=”horizontal”] [wptabtitle] Challenges[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]


  • The difficulty lies in aligning all the measure of different categories and units and produce a universal total score which can meaningfully represent the performance of […]

Facility Compare Dashboard

Facility Compare Dashboard provides Snapshot of Five Star Rating for dialysis facility Clinics.

  • Design the complete data visualization which combine the inverse normal distribution calculation and rank average into a custom geocoding dashboard. It need to be user friendly.
  • Related ratio of error-prone approach with key calculation facts by using dashboard action filters.
  • We had developed a parameter filter combine with calculations field in tableau to show the accuracy of the calculation against each key facts.
  • Designed a KPI score chart to show the comparison between automated process and manual process along with time frame.
  • Enabled end user to see significant improvement on business visibility using the dynamic interactive actions in the dashboards.
  • VizQL
  • PL/SQL
  • Java Script
  • CSV/MS Excel[/wptabcontent][/wptabs]