In the data management enterprise, Alation stands out as a leader in providing comprehensive data intelligence solutions. Specializing in Data Catalog and Data Governance, Alation empowers its users to seamlessly find, understand, and govern their data. At the core of Alation’s capabilities lies the Open Connector Framework (OCF) SDK, which facilitates connectivity to a broad range of native data sources.


Alation’s commitment to versatility is further exemplified by its array of prebuilt connectors. However, recognizing the diverse needs of its clientele, Alation extends its capabilities through the OCF SDK, allowing users to connect to additional data sources beyond the prebuilt connectors. This flexibility ensures that organizations can leverage Alation’s platform regardless of their unique data ecosystem.


Logan Data, recognizing the need for a specialized connection, developed a Custom Connector from Dataiku to Alation. This unidirectional Connector plays a pivotal role in enhancing the metadata cataloguing and lineage information available to users. By facilitating the extraction of Dataiku artefacts to Alation, the connector contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of data, ultimately increasing trust and visibility for expedited decision-making.

Impact & Business Outcome

  • Faster Decision Making: The Dataiku connector ensures the regular and near-real-time synchronization of artifacts between Data Science Studio (DSS) and Alation. This dynamic integration fosters quicker decision-making by providing users with timely insights.

  • Connectivity and User Experience: In the modern data stack, diversity is key. The Dataiku connector enables the extraction, search, and utilization of data from various sources, consolidating it into a single, powerful platform. This unified approach enhances user experience and connectivity.
  • Existing Customers: For Alation’s existing customers, the Dataiku connector opens up new possibilities by enabling connectivity to the DSS source. This expansion of capabilities ensures that Alation’s solutions grow alongside the evolving needs of its clientele.

ThoughtSpot Connector Features

Alation’s commitment to innovation is further solidified through the ThoughtSpot connector, equipped with a range of features:

  • Metadata Extraction: Gain comprehensive insights into the underlying metadata of your data, enhancing data understanding.
  • Intra-System Lineage: Understand the relationships and dependencies within a single system, fostering a holistic view of data lineage.
  • Cross-System Lineage: Track data movement across various systems, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Usage Statistics: Utilize valuable usage statistics to optimize data utilization and enhance decision-making processes.
  • Link to Source System: Establish a direct link to the source system, enabling seamless navigation between Alation and the data source.
  • Authentication Types: Support various authentication methods including basic authentication, LDAP and SSO to ensure secure and authorized access.

In conclusion, Alation’s Open Connector Framework and Custom Connectors, coupled with innovative solutions like the Dataiku connector, signify a commitment to providing organizations with the tools they need for robust data intelligence. As the data landscape continues to evolve, Alation remains at the forefront, empowering users to navigate the complexities and extract maximum value from their data.