Project Description

  • derrick1Tableau project description (invoice management in Home Loan Department)
  • This is a tableau dashboards project for home loan department for bank. There is SLQ2CQ internal management system requires tons of tableau dashboards to sure the proper data in order to track the performance of each employee in each department. This project is for invoice management department and there are several sections with it. There visual management, people management, and department management. Each team will have this tree types of dashboards and tells with different kinds of data metrics. Here is an example of how this dashboards look. The first two are same dashboards with different filtering. And 3rd one is the dashboard for compliance view, which has summary information with calculation of metrics up there and loan level detail down there.


  • For visual management view:
  • The currant and historical data are all needed to show by different sets of breakdown.
  • When click on one table on upper right, one chart which tells detail should be showing and when click on the other the chart down there should be changing into the other two like the second chart showing below.
  • In the table on the right, there is a column shows the date range and on the other side of the chart the same column will be used as color code with different name.
  • The chart on the left lower side should show the number of invoices by each associate and filter with three different conditions: yesterday, average MTD and MTD%< 15 days.


  • Import data by writing query in several parts of metrics: currant data which is always yesterday. And the historical data which shows the MTD and YTD values.
  • Use action filter to exclude value when deselect the target in order to show the related charts when clicking.
  • Create a new column in database for the color coding, and use case when syntax to get the desire result.
  • Create there new metrics regarding to these three filtering conditions and combine them into one single column in database then create calculation field in tableau to make it as the result.


  • All the layouts and functions will be mirroring into the new dashboard, and 100% functional as it should be.


  • Tableau
  • Teradata
  • Informatica